SKU: 7131

The Tip Baby Feeding Set from Lolly aims to train the child who is learning to eat alone. The plate has a handle that is excellent for mom or dad to participate in the child’s meal, without risk of burning their hands with hot food. It has a non-slip base (suction cup), which prevents the child from accidentally dropping or getting hurt. The cutlery, suitable for right-handed people, has rounded edges without sharp corners and special angles makes it easier for the child to feed alone or with the help of the parents. The cup is ideal for training the child during the transition phase from bottle to cup and comes with a sealing cap that prevents liquid from leaking when in transport.

Utilidade: alimentação da criança.
Composição: PP, PVC sem FTALATOS.
7131-01-F – Blister c/ 1 un. | Caixa c/ 4 blisters.
7131-01-M – Blister c/ 1 un. | Caixa c/ 4 blisters.