SKU: 7197

The Lolly Kinddy Star Baby Sippy Cup is ideal for the child during the transition from bottle to cup. Produced with non-toxic and high-resistance material, it is easy to handle and brings safety during use, as it has no sharp or dangerous parts. It has a soft and anti-colic silicone nipple, protective cap, handle for easy use by the child and anti-leakage system. And the coolest: the handle glows in the dark!!! Suitable for children over 6 months.

Utilidade: auxiliar na transição para o copo.

Composição: PP, Silicone.

7197-00-M – Blister c/ 1 un. | Caixa c/ 6 blisters.
7197-00-F – Blister c/ 1 un. | Caixa c/ 6 blisters.
NCM: 3924.10.00