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The Lolly Maternal Milk Collector helps the mother when breastfeeding, collecting the excess of milk from the opposite breast, without the need to use the hands. No pumping required as milk flows naturally with suction.
Made of 100% silicone, it has a velvety touch that provides more comfort. The suction cup base prevents the cup from falling and spilling the collected milk. The lid seals the container for easy storage.

* The World Health Organization (WHO) and the Brazilian Ministry of Health recommend breastfeeding for two years or more, being exclusive for the first six months.


Utilidade: coletar o excesso de leite da mama oposta na hora da amamentação e evitar o desperdício do leite materno.

Composição: silicone, PP (tampa).

7228-01 – Blister c/ 1 un. | Caixa c/ 6 blisters.

NCM: 8414.20.00