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Lolly’s Breast Pump promotes practicality, hygiene and care in the extraction of breast milk. It facilitates storage and transport, prevents leaks and contact with the smell of food in the fridge and/or freezer. The bottle neck is super hygienic and compatible with bottle threads.

Instructions for use:
To use, attach and gently press the Milk Pump onto the breast with one hand while with the other hand pull the bottle in the opposite direction, slowly, firmly and steadily. The Milk Milk is also recommended to assist in the preparation of the nipple, in the case of short or inverted nipples.

The milk must be cooled immediately after collection. The storage period is 24 hours in the refrigerator and up to 15 days in the freezer, according to the Ministry of Health. Once defrosted, milk should not be returned to the freezer.

The milk must be heated  before serving it to the baby and the use of microwaves is not recommended, as the milk can lose its nutritional properties. Any excess milk should be discarded.

For more information on storing milk, speak to a pediatrician, nurse and/or healthcare professional.

* The World Health Organization (WHO)  recommend breastfeeding for two years or more, being exclusive for the first six months.

Utilidade: Extrair o leite materno.

Composição: PP e TPE

7225-01 – Blister c/ 1 un. | Caixa c/ 6 blisters

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