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The Tricolor Baby Theether With Stars from Lolly helps in the initial phase of teething, as it relieves the discomfort and itching on the baby’s gums caused during the birth of teeth. With different textures on both sides, it is made with flexible material that doesn’t hurt the gum. Primary colors (blue, red and yellow) attract children’s attention and contribute to the improvement of cognitive and motor skills. Indicated by pediatric dentists, biters also help oral hygiene and stimulate the movement of the bite.

Utilidade: auxiliar na fase inicial da dentição.

Composição: PP, PVC sem FTALATOS.

7048-01-N – Blister c/ 1un. | Caixa c/ 6 blisters.

NCM: 3924.90.00

Produto em conformidade
CE-BRI/IQB2659 NM300/2002 – OCP 0006