SKU: 7231

The Tricolor Baby Rattle from Lolly Nenny was specially developed to entertain the baby, providing moments of relaxation. It is washable, completely non-toxic and very resistant. Its sound, in addition to entertaining the baby, stimulates hearing and the primary colors (blue, red and yellow) stimulate vision, as they attract children’s attention and contribute to the improvement of cognitive and motor skills.

Utilidade: divertir o bebê.

Composição: PP, PS e COPE

7231-01-N – Blister c/ 1 un. | Caixa c/ 6 blisters.
7231-00 – Saquinho c/ 1 un. | Caixa c/ 12 saquinhos.

NCM: 9503.00.91

Produto em conformidade
CE-BRI/IQB2659 NM300/2002 – OCP 0006